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natural skincare
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natural skincare
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IMMUNITY is of increasing relevance nowadays, and our defence systems are under continuous attack. Stress, lack of sleep, bad diets, pollution, antibiotics and other contaminants in food, smoking, drinking – all of these push our disease resistance to full stretch. It is no wonder that many of us need a little help to stay healthy. Don’t forget that over 60% of your immune system is in and around your gut, so if you catch every infection that is going around, you might like to consider your digestive health also.



FRIENDLY BACTERIA or PROBIOTICS have revolutionised the subject of digestive function and immunity. The many trillions of bacteria in your gut have much work to do - they stimulate and fine-tune the immune system; control the population of bad bacteria, fungi and yeasts; heal and feed the gut lining, and produce a number of vitamins. To list the whole range of benefits would take an entire library of books!

The types of bacteria vary according to our age - there are different requirements in the first few months of life, and once weaning is complete, another set of bacteria dominate. This delicate balance can be easily upset by infections, stress, antibiotics, medicinal and recreational drugs, alcohol, chlorinated water and a host of other influences. Bacterial imbalance, or dysbiosis, may be a contributory factor in many digestive problems including candida, IBS, inflammatory bowel disorders, indigestion, constipation and stomach reflux. Many other areas can also be affected - skin conditions, arthritis, liver troubles, immune dysfunction and hormonal imbalances, to name but a few.

Look after your friends ... you really need them!

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Herbal remedies
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Herbal remedies
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