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natural skincare
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natural skincare
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Health Terms Glossary

Folic Acid (folate)

  • Water soluble vitamin found in wheatgerm, nuts and green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, sprouts).
  • Not storable, so regular daily intake required.
  • Needed for: formation of nervous system in foetus; preventing spina bifida; formation of red blood cells; brain function; heart protection.

Consider Folic Acid if you suffer from anaemia, eczema, twitches, poor memory, depression and circulatory problems.

Free Radicals (FR's)

  • Chemical 'buzz bombs' released in the process of energy production in each cell. Free Radicals can cause damage to DNA and other cell components. They are also increased due to pollution, smoking, sunlight, stress and exercise. The Free Radicals can be neutralised by antioxidants, assuming a high enough concentration of these is present.

Gold of Pleasure

'Gold of Pleasure' is a recent find a golden oil which is the most stable form of vegetable
sourced omega 3 oils.It also contains high levels of other omega oils.


  • Found in liver, red meat, pumpkin seeds, parsley, almonds, apricots.
  • Needed for: production of haemoglobin in red blood cells; oxygen transport; enzyme production; energy release.

Consider Iron if you suffer from anaemia, sore muscles, sensitivity to cold.

Iron can be toxic if not required. Do not take a supplement unless you are definitely Iron deficient.

Jojoba Oil

Although commonly referred to as an oil, Jojoba is actually a very fine liquid wax. It is soothing and protective without heaviness, and suitable for all skin types, even very greasy.


  • Combination of fatlike substances, and is a natural emulsifier, found in soya, egg yolks, fish, liver, peanuts.
  • Needed for: emulsification of blood fats and cholesterol; liver function; fat metabolism; nerve and brain function.
  • Also used as an emollient / emulsifier in natural skincare.

Consider Lecithin if you have weight problems, cellulite, high cholesterol, fatty liver, multiple sclerosis, dull hair, are pregnant.

Lipoderm Complex

Lipoderm Complex is an exclusive cocktail of natural lipids which, together, replicate the sebum produced by the skin itself. Containing macadamia, sesame, shea and jojoba oils, it brings softness, pliability and protection to even the most delicate skin.

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia is the rich nourishing oil extracted from the nut of the same name. It is particularly suitable for dry or mature skins.


  • Found in wheatgerm, yeast, almonds, cashews and dark green vegetables.
  • Needed for: bone and teeth formation; heart function; muscle relaxation; energy production; enzyme systems; blood pressure control.

Consider Magnesium if you suffer from osteoporosis, PMS, irregular heart beat, muscle tremors, cramp, painful periods.


  • Found in pineapple, blackberries and okra, and many vegetables, and tea.
  • Needed for: bone and cartilage formation; blood sugar control; enzyme systems.

Consider Manganese if you suffer from twitches; 'growing pains'; sore knees and other joints; dizziness or bad balance.

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Herbal remedies
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